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nigeria: the evolution of traditional yoruba architecture

the architecture of the ancient yoruba of southwest nigeria was a communal endeavour and the house was a statement of ideological economic and social position in the larger urban context. adams

yoruba culture and the left hand - oldnaija

but today the condemnation of the left hand in yoruba land has begun to fade but at a very low rate and consequently some yorubas have preferred to call the left hand owo alaafia which literally means hand of peace instead of owo osi the original yoruba word for the left hand.

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ayodapo oyelana introduced remo talking drum to the yoruba - nigeria master drummers. here the royal king's drummer master drummer is having a thrill on remo talking drum.

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estimates of the yoruba in togo vary from around 500000 to 600000 people. there are both immigrant yoruba communities from nigeria and indigenous ancestral yoruba communities living in togo. footballer emmanuel adebayor is an example of a togolese from an immigrant yoruba background.

the beauty of aso oke- traditonal yoruba clothing urbanstax

it is a hand woven cloth made mostly by the yoruba tribe of south west nigeria. there is a vast tradition of strip woven textiles in africa and in west africa in particular with for example kente from ghana or akwete from eastern nigeria. the woven strips produced are typically sewn together to make traditional clothing.

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facts about yoruba tribe in nigeria: yoruba tribe history

facts about yoruba tribe in nigeria: yoruba tribe history culture religion and traditions this article brings you some interesting facts about the yoruba tribe in nigeria and we'll be looking into their history culture and religion.

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yoruba culture and the left hand oldnaija. posts about yoruba culture and the left hand written by teslim opemipo omipidan the yoruba people are one of the three major ethnic groups in nigeria. they inhabit the south western part of the country and are the second most populated of the three major

nigerian proverbs: wise sayings from yoruba land-nigeria

wise sayings from yoruba land-nigeria if you are a man of substance dont called your brother a lazy man; as time and fortune is in the hand of providence.

10 traditions only nigerians can understand - culture trip

nigerians see it as a sign of disrespect and disgusting to greet eat hand over or collect things from people with your left hand unless youre left-handed or have no right arm. and even then it might be difficult to be granted exemption from the rule. its worse when the person you extend your left hand out to is older than you are.

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despite being home to somewhere between 250 and 400 ethnic groups nigeria is primarily made up of four main ethnic groups -- hausa fulani igbo and yoruba -- that comprise about 60 percent of

yoruba people religion tribe culture facts

yoruba people are popular for a number of dishes eaten in nigeria. some of them include amala and ewedu soup gbegiri soup ewa aganyin among others. the yoruba people are stereotypically described as the lively bunch for their enthusiasm for parties.

traditional marriage rites how it's done in yoruba land

the yoruba traditional marriage ceremony even though a serious affair is full of playful banter rich contemporary nigerian music graceful colours and sumptuous meals.

traditional marriage system in yoruba culture nigeria

the prospective couples are advised to stay where they are and not to travel when the marriage ceremony is near. friends and family members travel and go around in preparation for the marriage ceremony instead of the couple. naming of children in yoruba culture of nigeria the engagement ceremony in yoruba land

traditional marriage system in yoruba culture nigeria

the engagement ceremony in yoruba land. the engagement ceremony is the most crucial and recognized part of the marriage rites. they call this idana where the brides family gives out their daughter to the grooms family. both families are also married to each other through the union of the children.

a handshake across the niger: the igbo/yoruba summit

a handshake across the niger: the igbo/yoruba summit. the hosts for the meeting are pa reuben fasoranti leader of afenifere and chief nnia nwodo president-general of ohaneze ndigbo while the obi of onitsha igwe nnaemeka achebe and the ooni of ife oba adeyeye enitan ogunwusi will act as royal fathers of the day.

babalawo obanifa: orisa and irunmonle in yoruba tradition 2

orisa and irunmonle in yoruba tradition 2. oluweri can be appease with one or more of the following :eran agbo ram oyin igan wild honey egbo agbado marshed cooked maize ireke sugar cane eyele fufun white pegion in short all item that can be use to propitiate or sacrifice to olokun can be use to sacrifice to orisa oluweri.

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the yoruba and other canaanite/hebrew israelites of nigeria

yorubas and the neighbouring nationalities located in nigeria have this oral tradition of an origin extraneous to west africa. hugh clapperton in 1820s reported a work by sultan bello the caliph of the sokoto caliphate where he asserted that the yorubas were descended from canaanite tribe from

the origin of the yoruba connect nigeria

the yoruba are the second largest ethnic group in nigeria with a population of about 30 million and occupy most of what we refer to today as south western nigeria. indigenous yoruba populations can also be found in the republic of benin and togo 1 .

10 things that might surprise you about yoruba culture

yoruba people are one of the largest ethnic groups in west africa primarily living in nigeria. their traditions have developed and matured for thousands of years leaving a rich cultural history in from naming ceremonies to religious beliefs here are 10 things you didn't know about yoruba culture.

nigeria: what is wrong with using the left hand

according to mr. thompson orimoloye; in yoruba tradition they the yoruba believe that nothing good comes out of one that uses the left hand. when he was a child his uncle cut his left hand and put pepper in it to prevent him from eating with it but when it healed; he continued using the same hand to eat.

im the highest king in yoruba land i speak with thunder in

the olugbo of ugbo kingdom in ondo state oba fredrick obateru akinruntan has declared that he is the highest oba in yoruba land. he also claimed that his father owns ife kingdom and that he has

yoruba people of nigeria yoruba people history and culture

yoruba people are a large ethno-linguistic group or ethnic nation in africa and the majority of them speak the yoruba . the yoruba constitute approximately 35 percent of nigerias total population and around 40 million individuals throughout the region of west africa.

ifa and oshun initiation: living the alchemist nigeria - youtube

in february 2017 siana was initiated as an iyanifa and olorisha priestess in ifá a traditional west african spiritual practice of the yoruba people of nigeria.

yoruba culture and the left hand archives - oldnaija

yoruba culture and the left hand. the yoruba people are one of the three major ethnic groups in nigeria. they inhabit the south western part of read more

orishas deities worshipped in yoruba land - oldnaija

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the yoruba and other hebrew israelites of nigeria black

1955 s.o. obiaku a nigerian historian and scholar claimed a meroite origin sudan/ancient ethiopia-kush for the yorubas. emmanuel uguhulu another respected nigerian scholar claimed a hebrew origin for the esan tribe. esan is part of the greater edo nation which is related to the yoruba nation of nigeria.