plastic product manufacturer in usa

3d printers: 10 machines for home manufacturing

the machine is fed by sticks of injection-moulded plastic developed by the manufacturer melting and squeezing them from its nozzle. to print using different colours or materials users mix

fda bans bpa from baby bottles sippy cups

found in plastics cans and other food packaging industry had already dropped controversial chemical from the children's products

china tariff list: here are the u.s. products getting hit

china is placing new tariffs on 128 products bought from the u.s. as retaliation against taxes approved by president trump on imported steel and aluminum. the new tariffs will go into effect today

what are the pros and cons of plastic cars?

most of the plastics used by auto makers are made from recycled plastic or recyclable plastic. if they don't use plastic they use cheap flimsy sheet metal or some alloy. any steel alloy is not


in 1974 james dyson designed a smooth-edged plastic bin called the ballbarrow that didn't rust or stick to fresh concrete like the metal ones of its kind. instead of wheels it had a load

plastic pollution: coca-cola and other consumer brands vow

a world wildlife study finds the equivalent of a dump truck full of plastic waste is dumped into the water every minute. so the wwf has launched an initiative to cut plastic waste by 10 million

mattel: third recall of toys from china

the latest mattel recall whose details were negotiated by the consumer product safety commission covers 675000 barbie accessories sold between october 2006 and august of this year.

ban on microbeads in consumer products gains momentum

on friday california's state assembly voted in favor of a ban on microbeads -- the round bits of plastic about the size of salt grains that are used as abrasives in facial scrubs toothpaste

should plastic shopping bags be banned?

"the number of plastic bags being collected is very low compared to the 100 billion bags handed out in the united states each year" an unnamed legislative source in washington d.c. told

made in usa: 10 great products still made here

are any good products still made in america? conventional wisdom says u.s. companies have shuttered their factories and moved manufacturing abroad for cheap labor. during the recession 2 million

top nylon webbing manufacturer deals at mysimon find

national webbing products manufacturer of webbing and national webbing products co. nwp is the prime manufacturer in the united states of cotton nylon and polypropylene webbing plastic and metal hardware hook and loop neoprene and zippers.

which industries use the most robots?

industrial robots "are burning welds painting cars assembling products handling materials or packaging things in just 10 states." in the midwest and south led by michigan ohio and indiana

videolarm ip network ready rhw75c2n vandal-resistant

videolarm ip network ready rhw75c2n vandal-resistant rugged camera housing overview and full product specs on cnet.