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they require a tomahawk and either a hawk feather or an eagle feather. tomahawks are even stronger than standard tomahawks and the slightly better range is a nice boost as well. tomahawks are even stronger than standard tomahawks and the slightly better range is a nice boost as well.

challenge tombs

now push the cart east so it stops beside 6 and leave it there. next head to the cart at 3 and push it into position where the 1st cart originally was beneath the weight. now create a rope tether at 4 .

assassin's creed faq/walkthrough for playstation 3 by

11/30/07 version 1.6 - added some faqs yes that's it; just too many emails asking the same stuff. 12/8/07 version 1.8 - small adds 12/28/07 version 2.0 - fixed some things and added links to the end of the walkthrough. 4/14/08 version 2.1 - small fixes to the faq section at the end 1/30/11 ***** table of contents ***** use ctrl f and type in the code to easy find. section: code: 1

kid icarus: uprising treasure hunt completion guide for

these are panels that can only be unlocked in total. but if you never receive streetpass hits or get them once in a blue moon you're going to have to use a feather. unlocking multiple panels. as with palutena's hunt just get as many as you can in every light vs. dark and free-for-all match you play. it's easier when you play bots because you can choose the settings but playing against

final fantasy ix faq/walkthrough for pc by bover 87

this is the first boss to have a key steal the silver gloves in the semi-rare slot meaning it could take quite a while to get you have odds of 6.25% or one in 16 every time you try to steal . all three steals are worth your while so try for them all. at the beginning of battle have zidane

velvet assassin

there's a box of stg44 ammo on a crate and collectible sniper badge 6 between that crate and the wooden fence. go back to the fire and go along the fence towards the truck. there's a box of stg44 ammo at the cab of the truck. there's three guards up ahead. one is having a smoke. one is walking around. the other is crouched out of sight watching the walking guard. always keep the smoking guard

far cry faq/walkthrough for pc by allyourbasebelong2us

then sail round the edge of the hill taking care not to run aground and you will see the carrier in front of you. now you can either sail round it and use the boats guns to take out the guys on top or you can just jump out of the boat and run across the beach to the hole in the side of the carrier and there it is end of level. ***** b. carrier ***** mission difficulty rating: 6/10


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wrap one piece of 6' x 6' fabric or fencing around the outside edge of one side post so that the post doesn't show about 8 inches from the top of the post. with a helper stretch the with a helper stretch the

i am alive faq/walkthrough for pc by brokaliv

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2.05 - skyscraper =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 3 x water bottle 3 x painkillers 2 x soda can 4 x bullet 1 x retry 6 x piton 2 x jerrycan 1 x fruit cocktail 1 x food can 1 x antibiotics 1 x grappling hook 1 x oral rehydration salts aftershock victim 3 head forward

ipad 2 smart cover-compatible cases photos

the preproduction sample we tried is lightweight and has rubber edge bumpers for shock protection but no back panel. its raised shell will protect an ipad 2 from getting abrasions on a flat