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having a deck is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and your backyard but you could expand your outside living room with some hardscaping add a courtyard and dining area and the addition of an underdeck for larger social gatherings.

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underdeck. the original attaches to the underside of elevated second-story decks turning the area below into a clean dry and bright space. our under deck system can be used for patio space screened enclosures storage area and many other creative ideas.

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the under-deck area is a perfect place to erect a patio. the space receives at least partial shade for most of the day and since its open on three sides it will get a cooling cross breeze. add some weather-resistant furniture and a few plants and you have an inviting outdoor area where your family can relax on even the hottest summer days.

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four season rooms. framed-in glass can transform your deck or patio area into an enticing weather-resistant and bug-free four season room that you can enjoy all year long. double-pane insulated glass window and door rolling panels which make up the walls of each room come standard with all patio enclosures four season rooms.

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underdeck the original attaches to the underside of elevated decks turning the area below into a clean dry and bright space. this system offers a variety of uses for the space under your deck including patio space a hot tub area screened enclosure storage area and many other creative ideas.

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while extending an existing deck for some friends they asked me to use a new composite wood and plastic decking product called portico to cover up the space beneath the deck. it seems that the kids were always losing baseballs and toys under the deck.

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start: the lower end of the down-rigger is about 6 inches deep in the soil. at the end closest to the house i dug a hole and clamped a 2-foot long 2x4 to the rim joist. i fastened this down-rigger with 3" deck screws. the completed bottom "nailer" boards along the south side of the deck.

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converting the empty area under your deck is a great way to provide additional storage for the bulky furniture grill and other odd-sized items that make outdoor living such fun and storage such a

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find and save ideas about deck skirting on pinterest. see more ideas about porch underpinning ideas stairs without skirt and deck storage.

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jul 26 2009 rating: covering ground underneath a deck by: editor - rich bergman using wood chips as ground cover under your deck might be fine in a drier climate but i would be concerned that with the moisture you describe and the lack of light you might be creating a great breeding ground for mold and fungi.

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a number of recently introduced under-deck ceiling systems use corrugated aluminum or plastic panels designed to catch water that drains through decking and channel it away from the area below. among the newest is the raintight system introduced at deck expo 2014.

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it occurs after you remove about 3 inches of grass from the area in which you plan to build your deck. you want to uncover the bare ground in a space that is approximately 2 feet bigger than the planned deck size to allot for the deck shadow that may limit grass growth. cover the bare ground with a polyethylene film to discourage weed growth.

3 ways to create waterproof dry space under a deck

under-deck ceilings. under-deck ceiling systems provide an all-in-one drainage and ceiling finish that is particularly suitable for areas beneath a deck that are high enough off the ground to provide a sheltered outdoor living space below. special framing and moisture-protection measures can provide mounting points for overhead light fixtures and ceiling fans.

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every summer the wasps/hornets start making hanging nests under my deck most of the deck is less than 3 feet off the ground. i dont recall my parents having issues with them when i was growing up so i wonder why they are so drawn to my deck. is there anything a guy can do to prevent them from starting or is it just spraying them when they

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cover the space with hardware cloth first but instead of burying the bent edge place patio blocks on top of it. make sure there is a slight slope in the ground so that water runs away from the blocks. if excessive moisture is an issue beneath the deck blocks may not allow enough air flow to dry the area beneath.

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to prevent these issues youll need to enclose the area under your deck. just like every other home renovation project the options can be overwhelming. maybe we can help with a few ideas. vinyl deck skirting. seal off the bottom of your deck completely with vinyl deck skirting. it offers a clean uniform look.

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we assume it was once an open area that was later enclosed. it is now used as a pantry. above the enclosure is a porch for the second level. the main home is solid brick built 1910 and the porch enclosure appears to be wood framing with vinyl siding. it sits about 2 feet off the ground - e.g. you could walk under and see underneath to the joists.

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the area is along the back of the house so very open. the ceiling is cathedral style very high with stone on all other surfaces. the grill would be next to the gas tap. i think the smoker would be the problem with soot maybe i could move it to an outer edge.

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with a deck on top and a covered patio underneath this outdoor space designed by mclean virginias land art design is the best of both worlds. the hanging woven chair adds a whimsical touch like a swing for grownups.

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some municipalities allow you to bury special types of electrical cable below a deck without conduit. regulations regarding direct-burial cable vary according to local codes usually based on your area's climate and soil conditions. the terms uf cable and direct-bury cable describe types of cable that are suitable for ground contact.

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search watch and cook every single tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place 27 genius ways to use the space under your stairs. because stairs take up a lot of space. stack shelves

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since that is where we typically entertain friends i was overdue to make some improvements so the area is eye-pleasing and guest-friendly i was given the opportunity to try out the connections decorative fencing product available at seven trusts and knew it would be a great way to cover up the unattractive space under our deck. as much as i

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the floor of the porch is deck boards with gaps inbetween each. i need to lay down a sub floor so i can put down a wood or tile floor to finish the room. i need to know what is the best way to go about sealing under the subfloor from moisture and the best material to use for a sub floor.

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yep not arguing that. the question is though what constitutes adequate ventilation. in this particular case the deck boards alone will be covering a 7x25' area running the short way dictated by existing framing . after shrinkage that means it'll have 50 1/8" gaps each 7' long.

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covering the interior floor of your new storage area with plastic sheathing helps protect your belongings from dampness and mold. most home improvement centers carry a wealth of hooks pulleys storage racks and overhead bins to help you create solutions for your under the deck storage needs.

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the deck. a deck is a flat usually roofless platform adjoining a house. decks are typically made of lumber and are elevated from the ground. it can include spaces for bbqing dining as well as seating. decks are generally enclosed by a railing. in some cases decks can also be covered by a canopy or pergola.

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now rune can use the area under the deck as a covered patio where he can enjoy warm summer rainstorms without getting wet. several commercial waterproof deck systems are available to create a dry space under a deck but runestactic of adding a roof to a deck seems to be just as effective.

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we help you claim the space under your deck so that you and your family can enjoy being outside in every season of life. view our underdecks our underdeck system lets you transform the space under your deck into a usable living space

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ames seven trust elastomeric deck coatings and roof deck coatings make sure you protect your investment with ames residential and commercial deck sealer. our non-skid formula ensures that it will defend your deck against the elements. ames products work for deck repair making an old deck appear as if you just bought a new one

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you can cover the area below your deck with treated dirt. dirt that is treated with salt will be void of vegetation and will be less likely to retain water. sprinkle rock salt or sidewalk salt on the dirt below your deck. allow the salt to settle into the soil. this will prevent tall grasses and weeds from growing through the slats in your deck.

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why gravel french drains are better with corrugated pipe and geo-textile fabric - duration: 6:03. french drain man 81710 views

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under the deck storage ideas. covering the interior floor of your new storage area with plastic sheathing helps protect your belongings from dampness and mold. most home improvement centers carry a wealth of hooks pulleys storage racks and overhead bins to help you create solutions for your under the deck storage needs.