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the first step in any under-deck conversion should be installing a system under the deck to redirect any water or debris that falls through the gaps in the deck floor. systems are usually professionally installed by a decking company and consist of panels gutters and downspouts made of vinyl aluminum or galvanized steel.

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enhance a railing. safety is key to a usable deck but beauty doesn't have to take a backseat. instead of an ordinary railing consider integrating materials that match the style of your home's exterior. here glass panels supply protection shield the homeowners and lend a bit of contemporary style.

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yes you can. well to be more accurate: probably you can. converting a deck to a porch is often possible; it depends on a number of factors. lets assume your deck is sound; that it is properly framed has solid footings has no rot and is properly attached to your house.

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you can buy under deck drainage systems designed to be attached to the floor joists of your deck. they will channel any water to the edge of the deck. you will have to figure out a way to manage the water from there depending on what is around the edge of the deck on the ground.

that gap under the deck: hide it or use it

just like indoors the underside of a deck or staircase is a perfect space to convert into storage; use it for items such as garden tools empty pots and outdoor recreational equipment. tip: even if your deck is only 2 or 3 feet off the ground creating a hatch for access to the crawl space is a good idea if you have utilities or pipes that run under your deck.

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convert the space under a second-story deck into a dry spacious patio by installing this simple under-the-deck roof and gutter system. under deck draining for shed/storage area? seven trust brasilia?

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convert the space under a second-story deck into a dry spacious patio by installing this one option is to cover the deck boards with a watertight membrane. 6 feb 2015 at last you're ready to install the deck of your dreams.

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convert the space under a second-story deck into a dry spacious patio by installing this simple under deck ceiling and gutter system. 3 ways to create

converting deck to living space

the ground under the deck slopes away from the house at about 4 feet closest to the house to 8-9 feet at the end of the deck. plenty of room to get under and take a look.

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under deck dining area. while you can create this space on your deck an under deck dining area gives you protection from the elements. one way to make the most of the two spaces is to create an outdoor kitchen area on your deck with food prep areas and your grill. you can connect the two spaces with deck stairs.

how to convert patio under the deck into a she shed? hometalk

the patio floor to deck is 8-9 ft. we just had the deck replaced with cedar. the patio underneath deck is open on 2 sides. i want to convert it to a 'she-shed' but worry about things getting wet when it rains/ snows from the deck flooring.

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further information. you now have a deck that looks like new and will resist fading staining and moldthanks to the seven trust enhance protective shell. in fact itll clean up with only soap and water and youll never again spend a saturday staining the deckever.

how to convert a deck to a screened porch

beat the bugs: things to consider when converting your deck into a screened-in porch. if youd like to improve your outdoor space consider converting your deck into a screened-in porch. screen rooms extend the use of your deck or patio and create a versatile space for you and your family to enjoy together.

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put a spigot on the outside of the deck where you want it. use some pipe hanging metal fittings especially near the outer spigot. then unscrew the inner fitting for the winter and open the outer spigot so it won't freeze. create your extension so it is strong but easy to hook up and undo once a year.

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if you are adding a additional enclosed room then you should not use dry space. dry space just channels water from the upper deck so it doesn't fall through to the area below. we are considering enclosing the area underneath our deck to create more living space.

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27 genius ways to use the space under your stairs. because stairs take up a lot of space. posted on december 31 2014 15:25 gmt julie gerstein. buzzfeed staff. share on facebook share share on vk

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it's a great room for plants to grow because of the abundance of light and can add value to your home. converting a deck into a sun room will extend your living space. if you decide that you want to convert a deck into a sun room look into buying energy-efficient windows or glass panels to keep the cost of heating down. things you'll need

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owner c did not build an air tight insulated floor under his deck. ect every one did a good job at their little project but there is no way it adds up to well built family room. from here i do not know if you have a room or a pile projects that was not built to code or inspected.

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convert your underdeck into the perfect place for accessible storage by simply putting your things under the deck. the extra space will keep your stuff dry and safe. gas fireplace or fire pit depending on the exact location and your ceiling clearance a gas fireplace or covered fire pit could be an added accessory to your under deck.

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if a deck is longer than 9 and ours is there needs to be some extra support added to the center called bridging. we cut 2×8 scraps to size and nailed them in between the joists around the center of the deck frame. we slid 2x4s into the 3.5 space between the end joists and nailed them in place.