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the board foot or board-foot is a unit of measurement for the volume of lumber in the united states and canada. it is the volume of a one-foot length of a board one foot wide and one inch thick. board foot can be abbreviated fbm for "foot board measure" bdft or bf. thousand board feet can be abbreviated as mfbm mbft or mbf.

how many 16 foot 2 by 4's are there in a 1000 board feet of

board feet: "board feet" is a measurement of lumber volume. a board foot is equal to 144 cubic inches of wood. actually it's easy to calculate using the following formula: thickness x width x length / 144 = board feet. note: lumber is specified by its rough size. this is why a 1"x 4" board is actually 3/4" thick and a 2"x 4" board is actually 1-1/2" thick.

the amount of lumber needed for a 1200-square-foot house

a traditional home with interior wood framing is referred to as "stick-built" since so much of the lumber used is long relatively narrow dimensional lumber such as 2-by-4s. if the amount of lumber needed for a 1200-square-foot house hunker

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any board containing a total of 144 cubic inches of wood equals one board feet regardless of its proportions. to calculate the number of board feet in a piece of lumber multiply the board's thickness by its width then its length all in inches. then divide by 144: thickness x width x length /144 for example a 1" x 9" x 96"-long board equals six board feet 1x9x96=864/144=6 . if this board were 1-1/2"-thick it would contain 9 board feet 1.5x9x96=1296/144=9 .

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board foot is a unit generally used in the usa and canada for uncut wood but with the assumption that the wood is cut into boards of specified height and width determined by the selected rule. the length could be arbitrary.

2019 fence calculator wood fence material calculator

pickets: if you're installing a wood picket fence you need to know how many pickets to purchase. first multiply your fence length by the number of posts. a 100-foot fence with 12 posts would equal 1200. then add the width of picket to your desired gap between pickets.

3 steps you should use to figure out board feet for a

but not everyone is fortunate enough to have the space or the pleasantly supportive better half required to store a couple hundred board feet of lumber. if you must buy material according to the needs of each project know this: figuring out how much board footage to get is an exercise in estimation .

how to calculate lumber for projects?

this question comes from zach who asks: hey marc im a new woodworker and im having trouble trying to figure out how much lumber i need for each project. i know how to calculate the amount of board feet needed but that doesnt factor in how much material is lost from saw blades and the

board feet calculator or board foot calc

board feet calculator: timberking b20 in action. enter values in decimal format not fractions ie enter .5 not 1/2 board length feet : resulting board feet

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you call area sawmills and determine the average price for red oak grade lumber is $800 per thousand board feet bf . you also learn that harvesting cost is $100 per thousand bf trucking is $100 per thousand bf and milling is $250 per thousand bf. you then take the $800 and subtract $450 in costs to arrive at $350 per thousand board feet.

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while i have your attention your chart shows roughly 100 board feet in a 10' log thats 16". that would be about the average size log i have available to me. in a walnut log of that size roughly how much of that 100 board feet is usable lumber?

-what is a board foot?

the following is an article by professor gene wengert that defines just what a board foot is. the original questions which spurred this post follow the article. the definition of a board foot is rather simple--one board foot is a piece of lumber that is 1 foot wide 1 foot long and 1 inch thick or its volumetric equivalent.

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quantity in board feet / price per board foot about board feet click here for milling options and pricing. lumber prices the hardwood store skip to main content

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a board that's 2" thick 12" wide and 24" long is: 1 foot wide x 2 feet long x 2 inches thick = 4 board feet of lumber. how rockler prices lumber rockler's method of pricing random-width lumber differs slightly from the "board foot" method described above.

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1 fbm = 1 board foot 12" x 12" x 1" 1 mfbm = 1000 fbm 1 msf = 1000 square feet veneer or panel board 1 cunit = 100 ft3 1 cord = 128 ft3 x 4' x 4' x 8' 85 ft3 solid wood 15ft3 air and 28ft3 of bark 1 tonne - 1000 kilograms = 1.1023 tons 1 ton = 200 lbs - 0.9072 tonnes

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board feet - a volume measurement of lumber. sponsored links. board foot is a volume measurement used for lumber where. 1 board foot = 144 in3 = 112 ft3 = 2360 cm3 = 2.360 liters = 0.002360 m3.

how to calculate board feet: 13 steps with pictures

calculate board feet for each piece of wood. use either method of calculation to find the board feet of each piece of wood you plan to purchase. note that this will only work if there is one consistent cost per board foot for each piece of wood included in your total board footage.

board footage calculator and hardwood price estimator

a board that is 1 inch thick x 1 foot wide x 1 foot long is 1 board foot. a board-foot is abbreviated bdft bf or fbm foot board measure . board footage is used as a way of quantifying how much wood a board contains since length by itself is not enough to quantify how much wood a board contains.

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linear feet needed trestlewood makes no representations or warranties whatsoever relative to the accuracy of this calculator or any of its other calculators and accepts no liability or responsibility for results obtained from same.

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of course not. the first board has twice the amount of wood in it it's twice as wide and the same length . the unit of measurement for this kind of lumber then is the board foot. it's a measure of the volume of wood that's in a board.

lumber calculator

if ordering a large amount by board feet just enter the total board feet needed and the price per board foot for the total price. as a quick reminder a board foot is 12 inches long by 12 inches wide by 1 inch thick.

cost of board on board fence

board on board fence costs zip code lineal ft. basic better best; board on board fence material prices: $1250.00 $1290.00: $1340.00 $1490.00: $1535.00 $1575.00: board on board fence installation cost: $460.00 $485.00: $530.00 $580.00: $625.00 $675.00: board on board fence total: $1710.00 $1775.00: $1870.00 $2070.00

convert board feet to cubic meter

instant free online tool for board feet to cubic meter conversion or vice versa. the board feet to cubic meter m^3 conversion table and conversion steps are also listed. also explore tools to convert board feet or cubic meter to other volume - lumber units or learn more about volume - lumber conversions.

how to determine the board feet of lumber in a tree hunker

in the united states it is common to measure lumber in board feet defined as 144 cubic inches of wood usually involving a piece of wood 12" long 12" wide and 1" thick but any piece of wood containing 144 cubic inches of wood is considered one board foot in size.

standing timber prices for loggers

$100000 / 1000000 bf = $0.10 per board foot in cost. now transfer that into cost per thousand board feet by simply multiplying $0.10 by 1000. your total cost is $100 per thousand board feet. $0.10 x 1000 = $100 per thousand board feet. of course this example uses rough figures.

doyle log scale: how to determine board feet in a log

and while this may be helpful there is a more accurate way to determine the size of a log and how many board feet will be produced. there are three common scales or rules used in the industry doyle scribner and international but the doyle scale is the most commonly used around the st. louis area.

board foot calculator

board feet = 8 * 10 * 1.25 / 12. board feet = 8.33 bf. now multiply this result by the number of pieces to obtain the total board footage of your purchase: 5 * 8.33 = 41.67 bf. finally you can multiply this value by the price per board foot to determine the total cost of your purchase. assuming one board foot of lumber costs $4.15 cost = 41.67 * $4.15 = $172.92. you will pay approximately $170.